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10// For Future Endeavors!

Hi Salam and Greetings to All,

I have never been tired of smiling after all those effort paid off with huge success.


The plan was to create an event for the orphanages where we help raising funds for their shortcomings in terms of groceries, clothes, educations or any sort of inadequacy. We, as the volunteers constantly pays visit to orphanages during weekends, teaching English as well as giving donations we’ve collected. I had the idea to develop a name ; ‘YOUTH OF HOPE MALAYSIA’  since April 2012. It is aimed for youth to involve themselves with charitable works where we get to connect and build a relationship with these children.

From there, the idea of #CHARITYGARAGESALE developed and idealized to increase public awareness towards importance of society to contribute in any forms of donations. I personally collected donations items from them, great people, Alhamdullilah. They gave out clothes, shoes, books, toys, baby carriage, house little decorations and many more! I am very glad to have met them personally, thank you very much to all of you for helping the children.

100% profit goes to orphanages with constructing ideas such as building a mini library, events/competitions/trips/outing/school books/groceries/paints/and many more…. !!

Then come the month of September where I acknowledged TFTN (Teach For The Needs) Community where it has been established for almost 2 years. People behind it  has so many great future plans for the poor students (in terms of income), orphan which they cater in providing education. Do like their page for further details http://www.facebook.com/teachfortheneeds

Met people from their side, had a meeting with Kak Mar and Anas to collaborate for this event and do it in a successful way! Of course problems arise in no time, but we acted fast and solve it to erase discomfort and disappointments. With given such a short time, we managed to pull it through and get it together as one. Alhamdullilah.

Future plannings for the children are being constructed with collecting ideas, values, thoughts, scheme and suggestions from others and can’t wait to be with the children and share their dreams with us! 🙂

Alhamdullilah for both days, we received an amount up to RM 1,200 and especially the full support from public which we will make full use of it in nearest time and futures!

All Of Us

13th and 14th has been the best 2 days in my whole 22 years of living. Where and what I dream of it to be, it was a success.


Salam Harapan

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